Sunday, October 28, 2012

Off we go a-Haunting (part 2)

Barbie Princess Boutique has this sassy black and orange striped cropped sweater available on the Marketplace for just 1L.  Chaos, Panic & Disorder offers a Halloween Jewelery set which includes this necklace and earrings plus bracelets and a belly ring that I chose not to wear for this picture all for only 9L. 

*Bia* by Daphne Boutique is a offers a corset packed with vibrant purples and reds with the earrings shown, a black mini skirt, gloves and tie along with striped stockings and stiletto boots you cannot see in this shot....all for just 1L!

Breathe Me, a new release from Exile has softly flowing tresses that hug your curves.  In this picture, you can also see a close up of my eyes which are a gift from Poetic Colors called Pearl Clear Pond.  My outfit is Bipolar Kitty from Beautify Dirty Rich and features black and orange ears, a jacket, bikini, tattooed stars in just the right places, sexy cut-out pants, an orange tail and chunky boots.  It's a purrfect look for your Halloween night!

The Links:
Photo 1
Sweater:  Barbie Princess Boutique ~ (1L)
Jewelery:  Chaos, Panic & Disorder ~ (9L)

Photo 2
Outfit:  Daphne's Boutique ~ (1L)

Photo 3
BiPolar Kitty:  Beautiful Dirty Rich ~ (1L)
Hair:  Breathe Me from Exile ~  (not free or inexpensive)
Eyes:  Clear Pond from Poetic Colors ~ (group gift - free to join)

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