Friday, July 29, 2011

Skintimate Limited Time Offer

This amazing combination is the free group gift Love & Prayers to Norway skin and the lovely Alexxandra shape (not free, but worth every linden!) from Skintimate.  The group is free to join for a short time only and there are other skins available as gifts and two lucky boards for group members.  Hurry on over and join this group while it's still won't regret it!

The soft persimmon color of this Nicosia Sun Suit and the faded blue of these denim shorts coordinate perfectly with the Leilani hair from Truth, and the accessories from Earth Stones. 

Groovy Peace Necklace - Hot - from Earth Stones
Tarnished Gypsy Bangles - Brass/Camelian from Earth Stones
sf Designs Women's Denim Shorts free at Mimi's Choice
Nicosia Sun Suit in persimmon from the Sea Hole

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