Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Three Summer Looks

Roses top from Japozilian - 0L
Cupcake Hunt Gift
Adorable cropped top with black lacing!  It comes with a skirt and bonus dark jeans, but I paired it with a pair of black shorts and it makes a sweet casual summer day outfit.

 Danem shirt from Spirit Store - 0L
Waffle Hunt Gift
Another cute summery top.  Love the print and the shade of pink in this one.  You can wear it with and without the sculpted prim bottom piece.

Shorts are from S.L. Fashion - 100L
Hot Pants Cecina in Black.  I purchased them a loooonnnng time ago and they are an old favorite of mine.

Three Moons Hunt Gift from Brazen Bratz - 0L
Here's another summer time look.  For this outfit, I've combined the Cecina shorts from above with the pearlescent gray of this sweater.  It leaves one shoulder bare and has an attractive asymmetrical hemline.

Berry.berry lush green earrings are a promo on the marketplace - 10L

Almost purple eyes are from Shiva and are a Greedy Hunt Gift.  You get a pack of 5 different eyes! - 0L

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