Thursday, August 4, 2011

55L Thursday

Summer Bouquet from Graffitiwear - 55L
Cute flowery skirt and cropped top outfit.  Also includes loafers to match.

Kaysa from Ironik Kitties - 55L
Black mini dress with electric blue stripes zig zagging across it.  I love the glasses and the fur collar too.

Sissy from Flowerdreams Creations - 55L
Elegant floral gown with romantic flowing sleeves and skirt in a lovely soft shade.

Wildz Black from Lushish Catz - 55L
I feel wild in this sexy striped top and black mini skirt and I bet you will too!

Electra Aquamarine by Strike Zone - 55L
Teal crop top with dangling ties, lacey mini shorts with fishnet leggings on one leg--- the entire outfit is sassy and appealing.

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