Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm an Angel.....Really!! :D

 Mainstream from Angel's Designs - MM prize - 0L
Comes with Jacket, arm warmers, belt, garter & stockings, collar and flat prim skirt.  Boots shown are from Slink (not free).

Carly from Angel's Designs - I'm not sure if this was a lucky chair prize or a MM prize, but it was a prize there...LOL!  I love this sassy short skirt and crop top.  there is the cutest scarf around my neck and the bangles are included.  The boots are the same ones from Slink that I have on in the previous picture. 

Grunged Group gift from Angel's Design
Cute mini skirt, short stockings, belt with several layers and tank top all in a flattering shade of green. 

Poppy by Angel's Design - Group Gift
Sweet little crop top and jeans.

Ritual by Angel's Design - Group gift.  The tank top comes in this long version and also a shorter one that shows the panties peeking out from the low rise jeans. 

Mystik by LoveCats - new release.  It was their special offer for 24 hours at 250L.  I had to include it with this post because of my theme. I love the wings and the feathery skirt.  Sexy!  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LoveCats%20Island/94/94/999

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