Friday, August 5, 2011

Low Sale Deals

Tie Dye Dress from Virtue Seven - 89L
The bright colors in this dress remind me of a desert sunset.  I love the layers in the skirt and the sexy top.

Retro style flowers adorn this Vintage Bikini from Sweet 'n' Tart - 50L
A sweet price for a really sweet bikini.  I love the floral batik like pattern.  This is sure to become a beach favorite of mine!

Verve from Kennedy's - 100L
Urban outfit includes all you see here....baggies, belt, shoes, bikini top, necklace and bracelets.

SS Vermouth in Red and SS Vermouth by Saris Creations - 75L each
Brilliant crop top and skirt in red and purple.

 SS Victorian also from Sari's Creations - 100L
I love the hemline on this dress and the way it flutters when you walk. 

 Urban Rock Me Baby from Pekas - 75L
Comes with jacket, shirt and pants. 

Verity by White Linen Clothing - 60L
This is *definitely* my favorite purchase!  I love the flowing sleeves of this dress and the sexy low cut, partially unbuttoned top.  The shoes are included with the outfit.  This hat is from Amacci and I blogged it previously. 

Vanny Kit from Ema's Secret - 105L
Woven White top with charcoal capris and silver belt.  I love the soft look of this sweater.  Hat is not included (the versatile Andrea hair by Amacci).

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