Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bukka Lucky Board, Filth Skins Group Gift

I'm taking a break from all the last minute holiday errands to share some goodies with you.  My fur coat is a lucky board win from BUKKA which came with the legwarmers I am showing as well as a scarf and Santa hat not in this picture. 
 Under the jacket, I have on a cherry colored intrinsic tank from Jane.  My black jeans are from Cool Beans (I have had these jeans for quite awhile and could not find the landmark for Cool Beans - sorry).  This gorgeous skin is the December gift from FILTHY skins.  While you're there, scoop up the Lip gloss gift for 1L.  Here I am wearing Lip Gloss 03 Light.  I have accessorized with an advent gift from ByKay ~ the Angel necklace.  My hair is a new release from CATWA called YaraV1 in Cocoa (not free).  My DBL Wonderland Ugg boots are a Marketplace find for only 19L.  My sunrise eyes in Dark Green, as always, are from FASHISM. 

DBL Wonderland boots (19L):
Fur Coat from BUKKA (0L):
Filthy Skin and Lip Gloss (group fee for skin, lip gloss 1L):
Intrinsic Tank from Jane (0L):
Angel Necklace (0L):
Fashism (150L):
Catwa Hair (250L):

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