Saturday, December 24, 2011

Winter Dreaming

I'm listening to "Baby It's Cold Outside" and avoiding the frosty chill in the air. No RL last minute shopping for me, but I did find some sweet gifts for you in SL.  First, this gorgeous Ebba skin in Peach from LAQ is part of the Christmas 2011 gift sent to subscribers recently.  With shimmering eye make up and subtle lips, this skin is absolutely alluring.  My hair is the most recent gift for members of the D!va hair group.  You get a complete collection of colors and two versions of this hair style.  This is "Marie" Type A in Cat's Eye and I love the cascading side pony.  My eyes, though not free, are Sunrise Eyes in Deep Warm Silver from Fashism. 

Finally, this  snowy white Roppongi Hills dress is a gift for members of the Shiki group.  With a high, lacy collar, bare arms and flowing skirts, this dress is elegance defined.  The texture has a pearly sheen which is quite lovely. 

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