Monday, December 5, 2011

A Very Rotten Christmas Hunt

There is a short, but dark seasonal hunt going on right now called "A Very Rotten Christmas Hunt."  Not all of the items appealed to me, but I did find quite a few I liked.  This is Mrs. Claus, which comes in this "clean" version and a slightly more macabre one as well. Mrs. Claus wouldn't be complete without Mr. Claus, and he is in the hunt prize as well.  Visit Rotten Defiance and find the black Christmas tree to claim your prize.

This Gingerbread crop top was one of my favorites from the hunt.  This prize is from The Plastik and also includes many different eyes and a skin as well which I am not showing here. 

I  also picked up this bad girl tattoo from Diamond, although I don't think I'll be showing it to Santa!   (Really, Santa, I have been a very good girl this year!!!)

Here I'm showing two of the hunt prizes.  First, I love the horns, tail, wings and legs from Favole.  I've often wanted to wear wings in sl, but have a hard time finding ones that look good on my avi.  These are just the perfect size and contrast with the devilish horns :)  In the pic below, I'm showing the tail which you can't see in this one.

My dress is the gift from Sakide and it's called Santa's Lil Treat.  I love the soft fur trim on the skirt, upper arms and bodice.  This sleek mini dress is sexy, yet elegant.

Isn't the new December gift from Filthy skins in Tan lovely?  The classy make up is soft and subtle.  There is a fee for joining Filthy skins, but they offer monthly gifts for men and women, and their skins are high quality.

For hints and landmarks to all the stores in the hunt, visit the official blog at:

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